Oldest Bead & Mic-O-Say Store in the Greater Kansas City Area!   Since 1978

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11022 Winner Rd

Englewood Station Arts District

Independence, MO 64052

Phone 816-252-5622

Business Hours:

Monday through Saturday

12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM

3rd Friday each month

12:00 Noon to 9:00 PM


We are Located in the

Englewood Station Arts District

and a Proud Member of the EBA

     Three Trails Trading Post is your Full-Service Bead Store.  We carry thousands of types of beads; alphabet, Bali, bone, brass, bugle, ceramic, copper, coupes, furnace glass, glass, horn, lampworked, metal, plastic, seed, semi–precious, sterling silver, stone, trade, and wooden beads.  You will also find supplies for your jewelry making needs; a variety of books, bead reamers, crimps, components, closures, findings, lamps, looms, needles, pin vises, pliers, stringing material, tools, wire, and wire cutters.  Anything you might need to make or build your own creations!  If you are not the “make your own” jewelry type, we have plenty of finished jewelry to choose from; arm bands, belts, belt buckles, bracelets, beaded jewelry, chokers, crosses, earrings, gorgets, headbands, key chains, medicine bags, Mic-O-Say Claws, money clips, pewter charms, rings for both men & women, sterling silver chains, sterling silver charms, trade silver, and  many hand made one of a kind jewelry pieces.  We also carry Native American and many other items; aprons, arm bands, a variety of books, breech cloths, chokers, dance bells, dream catchers, drums, flat cedar, flutes, fossils, fur, gift certificates, head bands, Indian music, leather, leather punches, leggings, Mic-O-Say claws, Mic-O-Say regalia, pictures, possibles bags, powder horns, purses, rattles, ribbon dresses, ribbon shirts, rosettes, runner bells, sage, sashes, spheres, sweet grass, tom-tom beaters, trade cloth, walking sticks, and many more unique gift items!  

     We offer a variety of types of jewelry making classes.  We carry all of your Order of the Arrow and all of your Mic-O-Say Attire and we offer Den, Pack, and Troop specials on classes and workshops for a group of 4 or more boys.  Have a den meeting here!  Let us handle the plans and the clean up.  We have a variety of programs to help with your achievements and electives.  Tiger Scouts, come for a Go See It!  You can bring the treats or we will provide them for an additional fee.  We will also have special store hours of an evening for a group of 4 or more purchasing their Mic-O-Say Attire.  We have been serving our customers for over 30 years and look forward to helping you!

   We offer a variety of jewelry making classes; to teach beading, Lampwork (bead making), Marble Making, and jewelry making classes for those interested in learning to make their own!  We offer day, evening, and weekend classes, kids’ classes, parties for ladies’ nights out, and kid’s birthdays! Call and set up a party today!



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Jewelry Making

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Beads, Beads, Beads!!!!!

Be a prepared Scout buy & build your tribe of Mic-O-Say, brave regalia now.  Come in before the end of August and purchase your three brave regalia items, headband, choker, and apron and tell us you saw it on the website and receive a 15 % discount on all three items.  You will have plenty of time to build the three and paint your totem on the apron.

2015 Tapped Braves

Mic—O—Say Regalia



3rd Friday Art Walk, August 21, 5:30 — 9  pm

Here’s what is going on at Englewood Station!

It’s gonna be a great night!  Three Trails will be open late, displaying handmade work, featuring our Native American Artist, Hopi/Zuni, Patricia Baxter Shebola, Muscalero/Apachee, Wil Platta, Artists, JoAnn Barker, Vira Dobbins, Scott Englemann, Eric Glenn, Roger Grahl, Lisa Knappenberger, Deb Park, Kara Paris, Sue Reeder, Denise Solary, Sylvia Tanner, Cheryl Turlin, Bill & Tim Wehner, and John Webb.

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There are over 50 artists, food, music, and more. Please come

and join us!  It will be great fun! 

We set up an appointment to meet at the shop during your Troops regular meeting night. Get all the boys in the Troop working on their MOS regalia at a weekly meeting and get a head start for building their attire. We also have the items for the upper ranks of Mic-O-Say and items to add to your regalia every year. Custom made leggings and ribbon shirts for the adults and over 18 years of age. Apron painting also available.

Set up a special troop night appointment and get the same offer. purchasing all 3 items  for the brave attire!


We also offer Free classes for Mic-O-Say, by appointment Looming and Rosette beading.  You must purchase your supplies for each class.

We have a native Hopi/Zuni American artist, Patricia Baxter-Shebola, she has hand made and painted clay, she also has dream catchers and beadwork.

Come in and see Patricia Baxter-Shebola, Hopi/Zuni, Native American Artist items, beautiful & affordable!

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